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It is estimated that 54% of employees require upskilling. This has become increasingly obvious as the coronavirus pandemic has distorted “business as usual.” The way we work now is hardly recognisable.

This, together with disappearing careers, reflects the widespread need for employees’ upskilling. But what are the specific benefits of…

‘Innovation’ is a buzzword often used by organisations to convey the unique value that differentiates them from competitors. At its core, innovation refers to a businesses’ ability to create more effective processes, products, and ideas.

According to McKinsey, companies can look for future growth opportunities through three horizons of innovation…

Jake Donaldson is a former Virtual Reality (VR) student at Academy Xi. He shares his love for VR, music, and entertainment.

Virtual Reality may never entirely replace the live music experience, but there are reasons to believe that the tech will drastically change the way we listen to and experience music.

Recently, I attended my first Virtual Reality music concert.

Standing on my bed in my small city apartment, I found myself in a psychedelic, virtual environment, dancing and cheering…

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